Friday, October 19, 2007


Today when I brought Buggs downstairs to play well, I had to tell everybody to not let Cocoa in. Silvia (my little sister) (1) Buggs went hoppin crazy away from her. Poor, poor Silvia. Did I tell you that Cocoa is bred to hunt and kill rabits so when buggs is out cocoa cant be inside. Again, poor, poor Cocoa.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Sorry that I didn't get back to you guys sooner, but dad said I can keep Buggs!! I've been really busy with him that's why I didn't have time.I'm really Surprised that Cocoa and Buggs get along. I'm so glad that dad said yes!! I hope that Buggs will stop scratching. I think it's because Ari didn't have enough time to handle buggs that much. I think he'll het used to being handled alot soon. By the way can you tell your friends or family to get on. I've barly had any visitors. Please tell people!